WBC Eagle Avenger 2.0 Freeflex Zip Up Heater Shirt Bundle Pack

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Your favorite Eagle Freeflex Zip Up Heatershirt just got BETTER!! We have just released our first custom designed WBC Eagle Avenger 2.0 Freeflex Heatershirts. They currently come in 3 separate colors because who doesn't love choices & even better if you can color coordinate with your favorite WBC Eagle Barefoot Suit.

The Freeflex Heater shirt represents Eagle's evolution of the standard heater shirt. This neoprene shirt is manufactured to be the ultimate in comfort. In 2013, we have made a few enhancements. We have added smooth rubber seal on the neck collar and at the wrists. The wrists are now designed to allow your gloves to fit over top instead of having to push the sleeve up your arm. The front zipper is a concealed zipper. Once the zipper is up, you can't see or feel it. We have designed this shirt to be worn under our competition ski vests and/or barefoot suits.

Available color:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue