2015 Adventure Paddleboard | Length: 11'6" | Blue

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The new ADVENTURE line of paddleboards is perfect for paddlers of every size and ability. A full length EVA foam deck pad gives this board a full non-slip surface. This board is perfect for tandem paddles with children or the family dog! New for this year is the ConnexSup accessory system that allows you to easily and securely add just about any accessory you could think of to the front of your board!

Length: 11' 6"
Board Width: 32"
Nose Width: 20"
Tail Width: 15"
Board Thickness: 4.75"
Volume: 230 liters
Board Weight: 31 lbs.
Construction: Molded EPS Technology
Glassing: US Resin Research Epoxy | JPS Fiberglass |Top-3x6oz –Bottom-4oz+6oz
Deck Traction: EVA memory foam
Fin Setup: Single 7.50" Keel Fin
Other Features: CONNEX SUP customizable SUP accessory system | vent plug | LIFTSUP lockable handle